To Promote ‘Health Care vs. Sick Care,’ OIM Offers Free 15-Minute Consult Through Sept. 15, 2011

To Promote ‘Health Care vs. Sick Care,’ OIM Offers Free 15-Minute Consult Through Sept. 15, 2011

A leading Manhattan specialist in neuromuscular skeletal conditions, Dr. Ilan Bohm is the founder of OIM, and is offering a special “15-Minute Free Consult” now available to qualifying new patients.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

Manhattan’s Dr. Ilan Bohm, a noted health advocate and neuromuscular skeletal expert, has announced an introductory discount special for his offices at OIM, with a “15-Minute Free Consult” with Dr. Bohm now available to new patients.

The limited-time Free Consult will enable first-time patients to experience OIM while also getting the benefit of a personalized consultation with Dr. Bohm, one of New York City’s leading experts in integrative health care. The special is a direct way for Dr. Bohm to emphasize the importance of providing “health care versus sick care,” a philosophy that is vital to his approach to medicine.

“‘Sick care’ encompasses today’s standard approach to treating symptoms not systems, these days,” comments Dr. Ilan Bohm. “But our approach is true ‘health care,’ instead, in which the overall health of the patient is evaluated and treated as a whole. Instead of seeing and treating a symptom at OIM, for instance, we use a combination of applied kinesiology, diagnostic technology, and Western medicine to look for and treat the underlying source. This greatly improves the chances that the patient’s overall health will improve.”

OIM’s 15-Minute Free Consult Special with Dr. Bohm will run through September 15, 2011, and is available for qualifying first-time patients. For more information, please contact OIM at 212.277.4406.

About Dr. Ilan Bohm:

Dr. Bohm has been recognized for his diagnostic and curative abilities since 1980, leading to a long history of patient success, and usually without surgery. Dr. Bohm’s skills in applied kinesiology, a specialized diagnostic tool, enable him to address the primary imbalances that may develop into symptoms that correlate to organs and muscles, establishing patterns of stress that are in conflict with the body. His ability to piece together these imbalances allows Dr. Bohm to draw together various techniques to bring about relief care and reversal of the illness process.

Dr. Bohm studied traditional Western medicine under the tutelage of the renowned Dr. Pierre Rabishong, at the University of Montpelier in France. Inspired by Dr. Rabishong’s work in Biomechanics, Dr. Bohm realized that Western medicine was rooted in the treatment of symptoms, not their causes, and began to pursue training in physical and holistic medicine. He received his degree of Doctor of Chiropractic, then went on to specialize in Applied Kinesiology, founding OIM in 1980. The office has since become an acclaimed oasis promoting health and tranquility with patients and celebrities from around the world.

For more information on OIM, please visit, become a fan on Facebook at /OIMNYC, or follow OIM on Twitter at @OIMNYC.


For more information on Dr. Ilan Bohm’s introductory discount, his “Think Before You Pill” campaign, to tour OIM as a member of the press, or to interview him as an expert resource, please contact Angela Mitchell at 904.982.8043.

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