Third Brigade?s Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System Deployed in Industry Canada Security Studies

Third Brigade’s Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System Deployed in Industry Canada Security Studies

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) October 11, 2006 -–

Third Brigade (, a security software company that specializes in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), today announced Industry Canada is using its host-based intrusion prevention system in its Protocol Analysis Lab (PAL).

Based in Ottawa, one area of interest of the PAL is the protection of traditional telecommunications as well as Next Generation Networks (NGN). Among its responsibilities is to provide analysis of existing and emerging security threats to these networks, and to be a conduit of collaborative initiatives between government, academia and the telecommunications industry in order to quantify and help resolve these threats.

Third Brigade’s host-based intrusion prevention system is one of the technologies being used by PAL, in its on-going engineering studies into VoIP and NGN security vulnerabilities. Third Brigade’s deep packet inspection engine inspects inbound and outbound traffic streams for malicious code and protocol anomalies that match defined rules.

“Canada is a leader and innovator in telecommunications and security technologies,” said Michael Binder, Assistant Deputy Minister of Industry Canada. “As VoIP is rapidly being adopted by a wide range of users – from government to small business to the home consumer – it is increasingly important that we work to ensure the stability of these networks. Our collaboration with Third Brigade is an excellent example of how federal government labs are working with Canadian technology firms to promote the safe and secure use of new technologies.”

Because VoIP offers a broad range of compelling benefits – including simplified infrastructure, increased scalability, reduced operating costs, improved productivity, and flexibility – it is becoming a strategic focus for governments and businesses alike.

However, like all IP-based applications, it is vulnerable to attacks that can result in service disruptions and theft. By architecting advanced, host-based intrusion prevention technology into their systems, VoIP providers are addressing a key customer concern, and will help ensure the rapid adoption of their products and services.

“Industry Canada is involved in stimulating the study of VoIP security between Government, industry and academia partners ,” said Brian O’Higgins, CTO of Third Brigade. “Third Brigade is on the leading edge of protecting hosts from new and emerging threats. The valuable insights we’re gaining from their studies will help further ensure we’re able to provide the most advanced, practical security solutions for today’s telecommunications systems, and tomorrows.”

About Industry Canada

Industry Canada is committed to fostering a growing competitive, knowledge-based Canadian economy. The department works with Canadians throughout the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, improve Canada’s innovation performance, increase Canada’s share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

About Third Brigade

Third Brigade specializes in providing intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to health care, government, telecommunications, financial services and other organizations that need to prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in commercial and custom software, including web applications. It enables you to create and enforce comprehensive security policies that proactively protect critical applications, sensitive data, and hosts, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize the performance of your people, processes and hosts. Unlike other intrusion prevention systems, Third Brigade’s is not intrusive. It has been architected from the ground-up for intrusion prevention, and is smaller, faster and simpler. Third Brigade. That’s control.

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