The Key to Healthier Grilling is at the GrillGrate

The Key to Healthier Grilling is at the GrillGrate

Cartersville, GA (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

Grilling season is here, and with it comes the annual health warnings about charred meats and flame-ups that initiate the development of harmful cancer causing agents (HCA’s) to develop on the food. Some health officials go so far as to recommend placing aluminum foil on the grill with tiny pinholes to keep flames from engulfing the food.

It’s time to take the cancer debate about grilling off the plate. The key to healthier grilling is at the grate, where the meat meets the heat. GrillGrate is a redesign of the grilling surface from the bottom up. GrillGrates are interlocking panels that simply lay on top of the existing grid to form a new grilling surface on any grill. The hard anodized aluminum panels keep flare-ups down while keeping the juices sizzling with the food and out of the flames.

The interlocking panels act as a sieve, draining away unhealthy fats and allowing them to burn on the perforated bottom of the GrillGrates instead of onto the food. This allows the true flavors of the food to shine through without charring and burning. Preventing charring is the key to eliminating the carcinogenic aspect of high-heat grilling. “You can always taste when someone has charred the food,” stated Brad Barrett, president GrillGrate, LLC., “GrillGrates eliminate the health concerns associated with flame-ups and char, and enable grillers to prepare a wider variety of healthy grilled fare, so they can grill more and worry less.”

The valleys act as a flavor retention system, the wide rails make it easy to grill asparagus, small vegetables and fish without worry that they will fall into the grill. The GrateToolTM is an integral part of the GrillGrate system. Half fork half spatula, the GrateToolTM reaches between the rails to allow for easy lifting of hard to handle foods like fish, pasta and vegetables.

GrillGrates are available at specialty hardware, houseware, and outdoor retailers as well as at They are available in a variety of lengths as well as custom sizes for the Weber Kettle and The Big Green Egg. GrillGrates eliminate the need for most grilling accessories such as fish baskets and pizza stones.

GrillGrate LLC. is a privately owned company based in Cartersville, Ga. The product has won numerous awards including the National Barbecue Associations Top New Product, a VESTA Award from Hearth and Home Magazine for Best New Barbecue Accessory, and Meathead’s ( Gold Award. GrillGrates are made in the USA and the GrateToolTM is imported. Patent pending.



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