The Doctors Launches New Multimedia Interactive with Podcast to track and/or reverse Childhood Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

The Doctors Launches New Multimedia Interactive with Podcast to track and/or reverse Childhood Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2006

The Doctors Club, LLC., (TDC) a privately held company focused on developing and providing preventive interactive medical services – based on multidisciplinary conventional and complementary/alternative medical practices, announced it has launched an interactive preventive health program which includes multimedia client interactive and podcast programs of medical exams, lifestyle recommendations and medical health tracking for clients worldwide in order to track and reverse childhood obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

(TDC) was founded by doctors to exam, educate and monitor the health of clients worldwide in achieving optimal health via a network of medical, academic and fitness professionals; representing medical expertise in general, preventive, family, sports, and internal medicine, cardiology, nutrition, aerobics, lifestyle and stress reduction.

The (TDC) customized preventive multimedia interactive(s) and podcast(s) are tailored to address the health requirements of each client by providing interactive medical exam summaries of comprehensive examinations, lifestyle questionnaires with assessment and monthly medical tracking. The goal is to assist each client in achieving optimal health by understanding health habits through a series of interactive lifestyle assessment tools. The Doctors Club provides the client an exam summary, recommendations and a health analysis via interactive(s) and podcast to educate on the process of lifestyle modification, specifically how to avoid, monitor or reverse health related risk which can effect their life in coming years. (TDC) tracking program is designed to assist physicians in monitoring health related risk in their clients in the office or remotely using the web.

“Mulitmedia interactive(s) and podcast are new methods to disseminate a clients health-related information of medical exams, comprehensive bodyscans which detect the risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer and other health related disease; medically monitored nutrition plans, fitness routines, and lifestyle coaching,” said David Mendiola, CEO of The Doctors Club. “With our interactive programs and podcast your medical information is always available to you regardless were you are in the world via a secure easy to understand format for reference in case of an emergency.”

The Doctors Club in partnership with other medial entities will expand their health tracking services worldwide by providing electronic monitoring, multimedia interactive(s) and medical podcast. “Our expanding direct presence internationally will assist us in our mission to improve health, fight childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health related disease effecting society.


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