Ottawa, Ontario, (PRWEB) September 6, 2003 –

Nebularis Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario announced earlier today the increased popularity of unsolicited e-mail marketers (spammers) using hotel Internet connections to send unsolicited e-mail.

“They are using hotel in-room Internet connections to shift the liability to the hotel,” comments e-mail technologist Jay Swackhamer. “They book a room overnight, setup a laptop to mail-out millions of unsolicited e-mails, then leave, and the hotel is left with the job of cleaning up their reputation.” Hotels could be blamed for the unsolicited e-mail activities, receive numerous complaints from angry spam victims, and end up in a number of mail server blacklists, which would inconvenience the hotels’ regular Internet-using guests and could damage the hotels’ reputation within the Internet community.

MailPoliceTM, an e-mail protection service operated by Nebularis, is currently investigating an ongoing incident that is affecting several hotels in the Ottawa-area. The junk e-mail under investigation is marketing a guide for grants and loans offered by government bodies.

“Any hotel that offers in-room or wireless Internet connections should be taking this very seriously – this type of activity is the Internet equivalent of hijacking and can land [the hotels] in some hot water if it’s not diligently taken care of or stopped,” says Mr. Swackhamer, adding that this is the first known documented case of hotel room Internet connections used for such purposes.

“By the time we trace where the unsolicited e-mail is coming from, and made contact with the hotel from where it originated, the spammer has already checked-out and left for the next one.”

For additional information, Contact:

Dale Waterman

Nebularis Information Systems Incorporated

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Nebularis Inc. is a provider of computer technology services, including web hosting, computer technical support, and Internet technology development. MailPoliceTM is a secure e-mail service, providing customers with a 100% available managed e-mail system that passively protects against spam, viruses, pornography, hoaxes, and other intrusive e-mail. More information is available at


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