No Limits Software RaMP Solution Helps Resolve Problems More Quickly Using Automated Data Center Change Management

No Limits Software RaMP Solution Helps Resolve Problems More Quickly Using Automated Data Center Change Management

RaMP provides detailed device data, including configuration, power and sensor readings

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 29, 2011

No Limits Software has extended the automated data center change management capabilities of their Rack Management Platform (RaMP) to allow data center managers to easily view all changes which may impact their critical assets. RaMP’s automated snapshots of asset configuration data allow data center managers to quickly find system changes which may result in system outages, thereby reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and increasing system availability.

It is estimated that 80% of outages are due to a change and 80% of MTTR is trying to find out what changed. By looking at the changes for the affected asset, problem managers can typically recommend a fix to the problem over 80% of the time with a first fix rate of over 90%.

Let’s look at how RaMP could help in problem resolution. Suppose a server has lost connectivity with the network. The problem manager would bring up the change log for the affected server. Was the network cable moved to a new port? Was a new version of software installed that might impact connectivity? If no changes look like possible causes for the loss of connectivity, the problem manager can simply click a button to extend the list of changes to all devices to which the asset is associated. Now he can see changes to the router to which the server is connected to examine those changes for possible causes.

By automatically tracking all detected changes, RaMP can monitor both authorized changes and detected changes to reduce MTTR and increase overall system availability.

RaMP provides the following capabilities:

Automated Asset Management

— 100% data accuracy through the automated discovery of detailed device information

— Automatically track device location down to the rack unit

— Software license management

— Real-time data center auditing for IT asset accounting compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, CFR-11)

— Automated change control to reduce MTTR and increase availability

— Web services API provides integration with other asset and change management systems

Real-Time Monitoring

— Power and environmental monitoring down to the device level

— Server monitoring to identify servers which should be retired, virtualized or consolidated

— Identify servers which are not using power management

Enhanced Capacity Planning

— More accurate capacity planning data helps to reduce stranded power and shutdown risks

About No Limits Software

No Limits Software is a leading provider of data center management solutions, including asset management, capacity planning, and power and environmental monitoring. No Limits Software’s patent-pending solution is unique in that it automates asset management to the rack unit. The RaMP solution eliminates the need for physical audits, dramatically reduces the time to find and repair equipment, improves system availability and improves data center energy efficiency by providing accurate capacity planning.



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