Mr. Natural Canada – 2006 Neutron Sports Bodybuilding Champion

Mr. Natural Canada – 2006 Neutron Sports Bodybuilding Champion

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 1, 2006

Neutron is part of the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB) and has the highest standard in drug screening tests in the world. All athletes must pass to compete in their events.

Robert Lagana from Ottawa (Nepean), Ontario won the overalls and most muscular bodybuilding titles last weekend at the 2006 Neutron Sports Nationals. The event was held at Carleton University in Ottawa. The audience participation factor was at its highest level this year.

Robert says, “I came in 2nd place last year and learned from my mistakes.” His hard work paid off this year.

With deep appreciation, Robert says, “I would like to thank everyone for your support especially family, friends, co-workers and the entire Neutron organization. I’m on stage not only for myself, but for you as well.”

Robert says, “I planned for this show and started following a nutrition program designed by myself, which allowed me to peak on my target date. This title is the biggest competitive achievement someone can obtain in the IFSB Bodybuilding level. Winning the titles make me feel like a true and honest champion of drug free bodybuilding. I am proud to be drug free in a sub-culture where drug use is rampant.”

The Neutron is the first organization and only to implement a special screening process called the “SCAN” test.

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Unlike the majority of bodybuilding and fitness organizations, Neutron Sports has a primary business in promoting and conducting drug free events with the highest standards in drug testing policies, secondary to monetary profit. You can read more about their mandate at

Robert says, “Each competitor spends hundreds of dollars to compete and in essence their cause in the big picture is hardly effective if our marketing efforts don’t bring in the interest of the public. Each Neutron Sports event furthers the natural drug free movement.”

This is why it is so important to show your support at Neutron events by coming and enjoying the inspirational, motivational and entertaining competitors.

Robert says, “Parents in particular, need to care more about promoting a drug free health and sports society where their children grow and play a part of.”

Children need good sports role models and role models that do not depend on illegal substances to achieve their goals.

Robert says, “I hope others will redirect their thoughts on the intent to use drugs for sports performance or musculature gains. I hope their intent is to avoid putting unknown and dangerous substances into their bodies and to believe gains can be achieved drug free. Give more credit to your ability to succeed.”

There’s no sense in poisoning yourself because others are doing the same. Be an individual with good morals and a champion will rise. Robert Lagana provides speeches to high schools, places of corporate employment and youth drop-in centres. Bi-Weekly (AA) Anabolics Anonymous meetings are also available, one on one or group meetings. Robert is also available for radio and T.V media discussions about the today’s problem of youth thinking or taking steroids.

You can find more information about drug free bodybuilding and Robert Lagana on-line at


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