Make The Most of Yourself and Let Your Life Flow, ?Make Your Imagination Rich? Marks Your Place in the World

Make The Most of Yourself and Let Your Life Flow, “Make Your Imagination Rich” Marks Your Place in the World

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 14, 2006

Everyday we are faced with unpleasant circumstances that cause us to go into fits of worry, fear, frustration and anger. Unfortunately, these stress-related emotions corrode our inner health. In 2000/2001, over one-quarter of Canadian adults had stated that their lives were either quite stressful or extremely stressful (Source: Statistics Canada, Health Reports). These were due to time pressures, work-related pressures, financial problems and other social pressures. This can lead to the loss of your most valuable tool: your self-respect.

“It’s not a pleasant feeling when you lose your self-respect,” states Shawn Bent, author of “Make Your Imagination Rich” (Intuitive Insights Publishing; 2006; $ 20.95/trade paperback; ISBN 0-9739743-0-3). “You feel like you’ve lost your place in the world, you lose control over your life and you forget about what makes you unique and special.” When Bent forgot about himself, he felt that he had suffered terrible consequences.

He then wanted out of such an emotional turmoil. When he started learning about the imagination and started applying some of the concepts, his life improved dramatically. “Make Your Imagination Rich” was then brought to life. Instead of being written in the traditional self-help fashion of lists and instructions, the book is written in a very thought-filled and reflective style. This allows readers to relate to the information by calling upon their own thoughts and automatically engaging in constructive actions as a result.

Readers will learn about the imagination and how it affects their outer lives. Instead of formal instructions, the book is organized in a way that uses metaphors to interconnect the concepts of personal development while relating those concepts to subjects in our daily lives. Analogies are also used to help explain concepts further and also to help engage the reader’s thoughts even more. If you are tired of struggling and want to establish clarity and understanding in life, then this book is for you.

This book also emphasizes the importance of inner health. “Once you overload your inner self with negative thoughts and feelings, your outer life’s circumstances will be adversely affected as well,” adds Bent, who has succeeded in conquering his own inner demons.

This book appeals to everyone, both young and old. Ultimately, “Make Your Imagination Rich” will enable people to view life creatively, constructively and curiously.

Shawn Bent is a writer who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of Toastmasters International and is also a graduate of Algonquin College.

For more information on Shawn Bent, or to schedule an interview, contact Mr. Bent directly.

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