Jihad, Oslo Crusade, Religious Terrorism, and Systemic Poverty Traced to Historical Roots

Jihad, Oslo Crusade, Religious Terrorism, and Systemic Poverty Traced to Historical Roots

The Great Leap-Fraud – Social Economics of Religious Terrorism

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) August 17, 2011

Terrorism affects nearly every country, and attempt after attempt to precisely define why it remains so prevalent continue to fail. A.J. Deus offers one possible root cause in his new non-fiction book, The Great Leap-Fraud: Social Economics of Religious Terrorism (Volume II) by Missing Element Publications.

In a highly relevant analysis to the current crisis in the Middle East and the terrorist attacks in Oslo, The Great Leap-Fraud reassesses a vast body of primary documents from the beginning of Judaism through the evolution of Islam and the Christian Reformation. It evaluates the Judaic Scripture of the Jews, Christians and Muslims for its potential to stir hatred, violence and terrorism, and it searches for messages in the Scriptures that may influence the economic behavior of societies. The book unveils the intellectual framework that led to catastrophic events such as 9/11 and the attacks in Oslo, and demonstrates how the tragedies will keep feeding on themselves under cover of religious freedom.

The Great Leap-Fraud shows in detail how Muslim, Christian, or Jewish religious extremism emerges, and how its mechanisms lead to infiltrating societies to turn them into theocracies that have to endure persistent poverty and terrorism. It explains the duty of Muslims to jihad and how the original commandment fits into the context of history as a response to a holy war that had been declared against the Arian Christians of the time.

Deus uncovers major findings about the motifs of Judaic religions, their forms of social organization and their strengths, the mechanism between social changes and religious violence, as well as the interdependence between religiosity and economic development. The work offers important insights into the secularization process and how the outlook and strategy of sects have changed over time.

The Great Leap-Fraud has been selected by iUniverse as both an Editor’s Choice and Rising Star program selection.

About the Author

A.J. Deus is a researcher in economics and writes political economics articles. His research focuses on social economics and the history of economics. He earned an economics degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Economics and Business Administration, Zürich, Switzerland, and a master’s degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada.

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