How Self-Hypnosis can Help Golfers Improve Their Game and Get in the Zone

How Self-Hypnosis can Help Golfers Improve Their Game and Get in the Zone

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) July 12, 2006

In 2002, GOLF Magazine reviewed 5 hypnosis CDs for golfers. “Own The Zone,” created by Clinical Hypnotherapist Jennifer Scott, received the highest rating. As a result, she was interviewed by Kelly Tilghman on The Golf Channel. Then Jennifer was asked to write articles on golf’s “mental game” by GOLF Magazine’s online website, Golfonline. Also online, she is a featured writer for The Aspiring Golfer. She also writes on golf for regional golf magazines like GOLF JOURNEYS in cooperation with the Philadelphia section of the PGA.

In the Spring of 2005, Jennifer’s chapter “The Case for Hypnosis” was published in the landmark book “The Secret of Golf.” Compiled by George Peper, 25-year editor of GOLF Magazine, it is an anthology of golf’s most significant instructional ideas over the past 100 years. Some of those other innovators included are Ben Hogan, Tommy Armour and Dave Pelz.

A member of the National Speakers Association, Jennifer has been giving educational seminars at golf resorts coast to coast as well as at the San Diego Golf Academy. In addition, she has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.

Because she is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jennifer can help golfers uncover and resolve hidden Subconscious issues which interfere with their performance — particularly if they have the dreaded swing problem called “The Yips.” Very often these uncontrollable flinches cannot be resolved by more traditional professional coaching. For this and many other reasons, golfers from all over the country fly in to see her in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jennifer has been Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the Atwood Institute for Research and Education, is a Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, a Certified Stress Management Consultant with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Medical Hypnosis. She received her BA at Ottawa University.


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