For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to

For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to

(PRWEB) August 17, 2011

For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to

In today’s world of ever-increasing costs for health care, it becomes more important to have adequate health insurance coverage with each passing day. While most workers obtain at least partial health insurance coverage through their employers, individuals who choose to work for themselves must bear the entire cost of health insurance for their family – a cost which can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars per year.

While numerous studies have shown that self-employed workers report fewer work-related stresses than those that make the commute in to their workplace each day, this hasn’t held true when it comes to health insurance. According to the guide released today by entitled Health Insurance for the Self-Employed, the high cost of private health insurance is one of the most significant obstacles facing self-employed workers, including contractors, freelancers and teleworkers.

‘Hope is Not Lost’ for Self-Employed Workers with No Health Insurance

Finding health insurance that’s both affordable and provides a decent level of coverage is critical for self-employed workers. Without health insurance coverage, even the most simple accidents or injuries can lead to huge medical treatment costs that will have to be paid out of pocket. On average, health care and medical costs across the United States grew 9 percent in 2010, with growth expected to be at least as high as this in 2011. Currently, around 42 percent of employers have some form of health insurance co-payment arrangement with their employees – a benefit that self-employed workers cannot rely on.

All hope is not lost for the thousands of self-employed workers who currently lack health insurance coverage. According to spokesman James Shaffer, “Even though self-employed workers do not have the leverage or employee count to earn significant price breaks on health insurance, there are still a number of affordable options on the market which can provide a high level of coverage to those who are self-employed.” is “…committed to assisting individuals who need health insurance,” said Shaffer, continuing that “health insurance is possible for all self-employed workers – not just those who make a lot of money.”

The guide also lists a number of health insurance coverage types that are applicable to individuals who are self-employed. Many workers fall victim to the misnomer that the best health insurance covers every possible scenario; as this guide shows, there are different types of coverage that are applicable to self-employed workers, and it may be worth trying to put together a custom, cost-effective insurance plan.

Affordable Health Insurance Options for Self-Employed Workers are Available

As this new guide proves, self health insurance is not the only means for self-employed workers to gain access to health insurance coverage. The guide lists a number of tips for workers on how to track down affordable health insurance options, including how to leverage the health insurance provisions in the federal government’s COBRA Act of 1985, and how to make use of existing health insurance options that are provided through professional and other membership organizations.

Self-employed workers and others with questions about health insurance coverage can visit for more information about health insurance and tips on how to find premium coverage at the best prices.


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