Doctors Now Keep Ipads in Their Lab Coat Pockets

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Doctors Now Keep Ipads in Their Lab Coat Pockets

Newington, CT (PRWEB) June 27, 2011

With the rise in popularity of Ipads and other tablet computers, doctors and hospital staff are finding new uses for these pocket devices. Patient records, drug information, images, and more are stored on the Ipads and other tablets they carry. And they’re carrying them in the pockets of the Ipad pocket lab coats available from One of the most recent facilities to embrace Ipads and Ipad pocket lab coats is Canada’s Ottawa Hospital.

Lab coats have always helped medical pros hold information. Now instead of pens and paper,’s lab coats are holding those tablet computers that we’re all using. The Ipad and similar tablets are being used by doctors to show graphics and video to teach patients about ailments, treatments and lifestyle changes. The Ipad helps office staff and physicians keep notes and files organized, and can maintain electronic health records. Specialists can communicate with each other about patient conditions immediately and effectively just by pulling a computer out of their lab coat pockets.

The Ipad pocket lab coat is a lab coat that has two oversize pockets that easily hold Ipads or other tablets, so information is literally at your medical provider’s fingertips. Labwear’s Ipad pocket coat has been widely accepted by the medical community, and there’s no wonder why, with more medical professionals using tablet computers every day and new applications to improve health care and record keeping constantly being developed.

Tablet computers will help provide better medical care. is happy to be able to help in a small way, with the Ipad pocket lab coat. Future visits to the physician are almost sure to include seeing a computer being pulled out of the pocket of one of these Ipad pocket lab coats. Those interested in more information about the Ipad pocket lab coat can visit or call 1-800-LABWEAR.

About For over thirty years, the owners and employees of labwear have supplied America’s (and the world’s) finest medical professionals with lab coats by focusing on great customer service. Ipad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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