Cognovant Developing a Consumer-Controlled Mobile Platform that will Empower Individuals to Manage and Own their Health Information

Cognovant Developing a Consumer-Controlled Mobile Platform that will Empower Individuals to Manage and Own their Health Information

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) August 10, 2011

Cognovant Inc., a consumer-health company specializing in mobile, personal health record technology, has put down roots in Kansas City and begun developing applications with specialized systems and tools that will allow individuals to manage and own their health and health information.

Joe Ketcherside, MD – Cognovant’s President and Chief Executive Officer – is leading the start up under the guiding principle that empowered individuals will achieve better outcomes than are possible with the current health system/provider-centric model of health care. For additional and updated information, visit

Cognovant’s mPHR will provide consumers with the technical capability to access health information, share health information, increase health and wellness understanding, participate in clinical trials, contribute to the general knowledge base and to transform into better-educated consumers of health and wellness care. Furthermore, consumers will be empowered through connectivity to technologies that monitor and encourage progress in wellness and health care management plans.

“We want to be the iTunes of health,” said Ketcherside, a former neurosurgeon and Cognovant co-founder. “Our mPHR will be entirely consumer-controlled and owned. This will allow data mobility across the person’s lifetime as they change jobs/careers, providers, location, or needs. This will also provide personal control of health record security, privacy, and reuse or sharing.

“The value of including consumers as ‘information donors’ in the health system is becoming widely recognized and accepted because much of this data and context would otherwise not be captured,” he added. “Patients taking charge of their daily care management is an absolute game-changer. Our mPHR will not diminish the role of the physician, but will enlarge the role of the patient in his or her care and wellness decisions.”

About Cognovant:

Cognovant’s proprietary intellectual property reflects the unique knowledge base of the founders derived from more than 30 years of experience and success in developing and implementing health information technology (HIT) in hospital, clinics, and long-term care facilities. This experience and success covers HIT interoperability, content emulation, usability, work flow, clinical-decision support, public policy, patient safety, and commercialization of HIT applications.

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