BroadcastVision Entertainment Demonstrates New Video Game Exercise To Health Clubs At Club Industry Show 2005

BroadcastVision Entertainment Demonstrates New Video Game Exercise To Health Clubs At Club Industry Show 2005

Agoura Hills, CA (PRWEB) November 2, 2005

BroadcastVision Entertainment, a leading provider of exercise entertainment solutions for the fitness industry, will be demonstrating their new interactive exercise system, Dance Exercise Revolution™ at the Club Industry 2005 trade show at Chicago’s McCormick Place, November 3 -5.

Dance Exercise Revolution™ is an industrial strength, hardware package for the popular consumer video dance game, DDR™ (Dance Dance Revolution™) created by Konami Corporation. Scrolling onscreen arrows show exercisers where to place their feet on the corresponding Cobalt Flux dance platform. Points are gained by stepping on the right area of the dance platform at the right time. Some of the DDR™ games even provide a “workout” mode, which actually tracks how many calories the exerciser has burned. A person weighing 150 lbs. can burn about 640 calories in just one hour!

BroadcastVision Entertainment has created a durable hardware package suitable for the rigorous use in health clubs, YMCA’s and schools. The Dance Exercise Revolution system consists of a BroadcastVision 23” or 27” LCD screen mounted on a telescopic stand, a Playstation 2 with locking security enclosure, the Cobalt Flux industrial grade dance platform and controller, game software and speaker system. Key to fitness center operators is the 1 – 4 year warranties available on the dance platforms. “All the other dance platforms that we’ve seen in the market are designed for home use and they just don’t hold up in fitness center environments. Our partner, Cobalt Flux, has actually driven an SUV over the platforms and they don’t even crack! States Kevin Fee, V.P. of Marketing for BroadcastVision Entertainment.

Fee further adds “The fun and interactivity of Dance Exercise Revolution™ opens the door for people of all ages that don’t connect with conventional forms of exercise. It also creates an opportunity for membership-based clubs to attract entire families who can work out together. The combination of music, video and competition make Dance Exercise Revolution appealing to many of the couch potatoes of the world”.

BroadcastVision Entertainment, widely regarded as a pioneer of fitness entertainment, will be presenting many fitness entertainment solutions at Club Industry 2005. These would include personal cardio LCD TV’s that are positioned in front of cardio equipment that allow exercisers to watch their favorite television show, DVD or listen to a music CD. The exerciser simply plugs their headphone into the new BroadcastVision ORBIT screen controller, which they had designed by BMW Designworks.

BroadcastVision Entertainment will also present a new, Internet delivered, music and messaging system that will allow clubs to customize and day part music programs along with audio messages or advertisements that increase the club’s brand awareness, drive ancillary revenue streams and impart important messages to members.

DDR and Dance Dance Revolution are registered trademarks of Konami Corporation.

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